Semi-Private Coaching

Team Conditioning

We get stronger together

II XCL offers semi-private coaching for those who prefer working with a partner or friend or want to challenge themselves by competing with others. Common group dynamics include:

  • Friends
  • Teams of athletes
  • Small group of athletes
  • Spouses
  • Brides and bridesmaids
  • Siblings
  • Mother/daughter duos

At II XCL we all work together! Strength training is more cost-effective than the traditional 1-on-1 training and is also a popular option.


One of the top reasons people hire personal trainers/coaches is to lose weight and get into shape. If your goal is to decrease body fat, build lean muscle, get stronger, have more energy, feel better each day, and look great, a II XCL coach can keep you on track, motivated, accountable and focused on reaching your goal.

  • Modified exercises to address injuries or health concerns‚Äč

  • Individualized coaching for you and up to three additional clients

  • Monthly program updates

  • Unlimited team conditioning classes to supplement as conditioning for active rest days

  • One-on-one training available

Team Conditioning

If you enjoy large group settings, then team conditioning is definitely for you, and if you already move well, or need a little guidance, than team training is an excellent fit.

  • Get a similar feel of an II XCL Semi-Private program packaged into a large group setting

  • II XCL training for a fraction of what others charge for similar Semi-Private offerings.

  • Training is customized to each individual

  • Our training includes throwing and smashing objects

  • We push weights

  • And we develop conditioning as a team

  • We incorporate a blend of mobility, power, strength and conditioning


Look, Feel, Move and Perform Better