I had a client reach out to me recently to let me know his schedule had just gotten too busy and he wouldn’t be able to make it to the gym anymore.

Membership cancellation conversations are never fun, but I try to use them as an opportunity to coach. In this case, I’d seen this conversation coming and was prepared.

I’d counted at least five times in his first month training with us that the client mentioned something about quitting.

When I congratulated him for being so consistent with his workouts, he said something like, “We’ll see if I can keep it going.”

When we chatted about his goals, he said something like, “Every time I’ve joined a gym in the past I ended up quitting, so I just want to be consistent.”

When I presented the membership options to him, he chose the shortest commitment because he “wanted to test it out” and see if he’d “actually stick with it this time.”

If you’ve read a few of my newsletters about mindset and how powerful the brain is, alarm bells should be ringing.

This client was a walking encyclopedia of limiting beliefs, which basically ensured that, once again, he’d do what he’d always done.


Thankfully, I was able to get on a phone call with him and explain why this happened again … because he willed it to happen. He believed he was going to quit, and so that’s exactly the outcome he got.

Our outcomes are always in alignment with our beliefs … not most of the time, but 100% of the time.

This story has a happy ending. The client completely understood and agreed with my coaching point that he didn’t need “more time,” but rather a significant mindset shift if he was ever going to succeed with his health & fitness.

So he decided to use his next month of membership to work 1×1 with me on his nutrition so we can address that first. By the end of June, we’ll have his diet dialed in and his hours at a new job will be more predictable.

Just remember: If you’re stuck, chances are you’ve decided to be. Shift your mindset and you can dramatically and immediately change your circumstances.